Megan Manly

Sales Representative

About Megan

Megan is a valuable addition to the Property Lane Realty team, bringing a wealth of diverse real-life experience that makes her well-equipped for success in the property industry. Her background in hospitality and finance, as well as her entrepreneurial experience in founding and operating a direct sales business, demonstrates her strong work ethic, business acumen, and ability to excel in various roles.

One of Megan's notable achievements is earning the Annual Sales Excellence Award from her direct sales business for four consecutive years. This accomplishment reflects her dedication, sales skills, and ability to consistently deliver outstanding results.

Megan's skills extend beyond sales and entrepreneurship. Her warm and engaging communication style, combined with her authenticity and empathy, enable her to quickly build strong relationships with her clients. In the property industry, where trust and rapport are essential, these qualities are invaluable.

Furthermore, Megan understands the importance of professional marketing tailored to highlight a property's benefits and reach a wide audience. This approach is crucial for generating maximum interest and ultimately securing the best possible price for her clients.

Megan's personal experience in buying, selling, renovating, and styling multiple homes, both as an owner-occupier and investor, provides her with a deep understanding of the challenges involved in real estate transactions. This firsthand knowledge allows her to offer valuable insights and guidance to her clients.

Her passion for the property market is evident, and she sees it as an exciting industry due to its impact on people's lives. Megan's goal is to connect people with their perfect properties and find solutions to their real estate needs, emphasizing the importance of building relationships and helping individuals navigate the complexities of the market.

As a dedicated "soccer mum" who also enjoys cooking, home renovation projects, traveling, surfing, tennis, and pilates, her diverse interests and active lifestyle contribute to her well-rounded approach to life and work.

In summary, Megan's combination of professional skills, personal experiences, and passion for the property industry make her a valuable asset to the Property Lane Realty team, and her commitment to helping clients achieve their real estate goals is evident in her diverse background and achievements.